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Mary Lynn Rajskub is joined by comedian, writer actresses: Casey Wilson (Happy Endings, Bride Wars and Ass Backwards) and Eliza Skinner (Fashion Police, Totally Biased). They talk about their personal experiences being ladies in Hollywood and life in general when you're a lady... Listen in!

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Mary Lynn Rajskub is joined by Eliza Skinner (stand up, fashion police writer) and Thomas Middleditch (comic, movie star). Thomas explains why he has recently spent a lot of time naked in front of other people and Mary Lynn forces Eliza to do a rap on cue. They also listen and briefly talk about the Elton John video 'I'm Still Standing' from 1983. Eliza and Mary Lynn talk about their comedy sets and Thomas discusses improvising Shakespeare. Mary Lynn gives Thomas raw milk.

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Join Mary Lynn and Eliza Skinner this week as they talk with Laurie Kilmartin, a hilarious stand up comedian, writer and mom. Laurie is a staff writer for Conan and also has a book out called 'Shitty Mom'. They discuss comedy writing and being moms who maybe didn't always like their kids.

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This week Mary Lynn is joined with comedian Eliza Skinner and Cameron Esposito ('Put Your Hands Together' podcast). They talk women, sexuality and comedy. Join in for some fun!

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This week Mary Lynn is joined again by comedian Eliza Skinner (@elizaskinner) and psychic Kris Cahill ( Eliza gets a mini reading from Kris which reveals Eliza's need to let out her inner evil empress. They all discuss the nature, meaning and purpose of 'being psychic'.  The snack of the week was forgotten and eaten after the podcast was done. (It was fortune cookies).

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This week Mary Lynn kicks it with Eliza Skinner (comedian, Fashion Police writer) and Bryan Cook (comedian, Fashion Police writer, Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction Show,) about what it's like to go on strike. The Snack of the week is carrots and celery. Eliza makes Mary Lynn and Bryan almost fall in love with Usher and 'Cats'. Mary Lynn shares something profound that her four year old said. We learn that Bryan grooms his beard most days.

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This week, two delightful comedians Eliza Skinner and Steve Berg join Mary Lynn. They have a free form conversation about stand up comedy, nuts, Twitter and gun control.

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Mary Lynn talks with the fabulous Beth Lapides, performer, producer and host of the most famous beloved weekly shows in Los Angeles, the uncabaret. Join them for a conversation about how the show started, what it was, what it is now and the business of being an artist in the world. Check out for more information about her shows and personal coaching.

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This week I have a conversation with a delightful actor named Josh Breeding. He is also part of the band The Megas. If you like actors shooting the breeze on set and chatting about how to keep a positive attitude in life, this podcast is for you!

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This week I am lucky enough to have Riki Lindhome as a guest. She is one half of the musical comedy group, 'Garfunkel and Oates'. I had a blast talking Hollywood, transcendental meditation, dating  and music with her. And at the end I got to sing a song with her! The song 'Eternal Flame' by the Bangles. Enjoy!

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